Why Face-to-Face Meetings Are So Important

If you’ve been wondering why your phone and video meetings haven’t been as productive as you’d like, it’s probably because you’re missing a big step in interacting with employees: face-to-face connection. Whenever possible, have in-person business meetings. Here’s why…

Even though today’s business scene is overrun with technology, there’s still something to be said for face-to-face interaction and human connection. According to research from Blue Jeans, having a visual connection encourages better collaboration, communication, and relationships in the workplace. Never stop searching for better ways to hold business meetings – you can always learn more when it comes to building a great team of workers.

Many of your workers may be working from a remote location, which makes getting everyone together difficult. Even a yearly gathering can make a big impression on work ethic and commitment to excellence. Sure, a conference call may save you travel time, but if they’re not making your staff more productive and efficient, you’re really wasting time in the long run. When you simply can’t be physically in front of your staff, opt for a visual video meeting over a phone call.