When is the Right Situation to Hire a Bail Bonds Service?

People make mistakes and sometimes those mistakes lead to their arrest. This causes emotional stress, financial hardship and in some cases, time away from their loved ones while awaiting trial. Typically, when someone is arrested on a warrant or serious charge, a bail amount is set.

Absolute Assurance of Attending Court Proceedings

When you seek the assistance from a bail bonds service, you are essentially obtaining a loan to help get someone out of jail. The only way to not end up in court for collection of the debt is if the person bailed out goes to all of their court proceedings. When a bondsman puts up the funds to help someone become released, they must be paid.

When Funds are Absolutely Not Available for Bail

Not everyone has access to a credit card or large amounts of cash at the drop of a hat. Some bondsmen require collateral when a bond is at a high amount. It is important to know that you will lose your collateral and/or monies paid for these services if the person being assisted does not appear in court.

Most of the time, 10-percent of that amount must be paid for their temporary release. When the amounts are high or out of your financial means, a bail bonds service may be the right option. Only work with a bondsman when you are sure that the person you are helping is going to go to court, otherwise their entire bond amount will be required from you, the signer or co-signer. Learn more here about how a bail bonds service can help when the situation at hand is emergent.